Friday, July 27, 2007

A Break From Training....

I took a little break from serious training last night to hang out with the family. We went out to dinner at Mr. Smiths (good stuff if you are ever in Vermillion) and then back home. The clouds sure looked like rain and a quick check of radar confirmed that threat. It was really humid and I wasn't keen on being 15-25 miles out and being caught in a thunderstorm. So, I volunteered to go on a family bike ride. Marissa and Carson took me up on it. I hooked up the kiddie cart to the cruiser tandem and away we went keeping an eye on the weather (it never did rain here).

After a quick toodle around town, we went "down the hill" to the bike path by the Vermillion River. This of course entails the obligatory stoppage to hang out at the rest area/fishing deck/multipurpose area. Normally I wouldn't blog about such a night, but Marissa started playing 20 questions with me (9 year olds are REALLY good at it too).

Question 1: Dad, why do so many people litter?
Answer 1: I'm not sure honey. Some people are either too juvenile or they just don't care about the beauty of the earth like we do.

Question 2: Dad, have you ever littered?
Answer 2 (uncomfortably): Well, I'm sure that sometime in my life that I have. Once I realized how wrong it was, I made sure not to litter anymore.

Question 3: (as she looked over some of the litter below the deck): Dad, do you drink beer?
Answer 3 (more uncomfortably): Yes dear, once in awhile, but not very often.

Question 4: Dad, why don't people take better care of the earth? I mean, it's where they live. Don't they want it to be nice?
Answer 4: Some people just don't see the beauty in nature like we do Marissa. It's sad, but unfortunately it's life too.

Statement 1: Marissa: When I grow up, I'm going to start a group called the "Nature Health Group".
Dad: Nature Health Group?
Marissa: Yes, I want to keep all of nature clear of pollution so nature can be "healty".
Dad: That sounds like an excellent idea Marissa. I love the fact you are so passionate about nature.

Statement 2: Marissa: I'm happy that you ride your bike most places.
Dad: Why is that?
Marissa: You are always healthy and by riding you are not causing air pollution.

Have I mentioned lately that my daughter has a heart of gold? I hope that she always keeps it. It's amazing how kids do as you do and not what you say. If you want your kids to change, look in the mirror first.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin, you're raising a great kid there (not sure about the 4 year old using banned substances though ;-) ). As a fellow Dad, I eat this stuff up. Keep up the good work and keep on riding.

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