Monday, May 12, 2008

Bunyan's To Bob's - THIS SATURDAY!

This epic ride is nearly upon us! I have one piece of bad news: The T-Shirts will not be ready by the ride. I had a heck of a time getting people to commit and very few seemed to want them. If you still want one, let me know Saturday and I'll still make an order.

I'll be emailing those who have committed or expressed interest in this ride for confirmation. If any of you are catching this for the first time and want to come along...SWEET! Just let me know!

Here is the "earn-your-lunch" gravel route:

The Hooterville Mayor was kind enough to post the road route for this weekends ride.

Disclaimer: and I repeat: I legally am not organizing this ride. Some friends may or may not show up to ride this event. Some may or may not drink alcoholic beverages. They will do so on their own fruition. I am not responsible for lost (or found) riders. I in no way am responsible for those who have not adequately trained and may be found on the side of the road gasping for air.


CDV said...

1 water bottle full of beer, check.
1 water bottle full of whiskey, check. Toe tags for the carnage along side the road, check. I think I'm ready for BUNYAN'S TO BOB'S. LETS RIDE!

DIRK said...

I will starve myself this week to prepare for the ride. Must tackle the Bob's cheeseburger and cheese balls with an empty stomach.

thE_kErnEl said...

thE kErnEl abides

Anonymous said...