Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do I Sense a Groove Coming on?

Today was more like old times: About seven miles of commuting/errands, 31 miles on the road bike, and eight more on the tandem with Laura pulling Carson on the tag-a-long. Let's hope this is a belated start of getting back in a better cycling groove.

It was a great night to ride albeit a touch windy. Too bad Cactus-Eyed Joe had to miss it. He was the ride organizer but he bagged out at the last minute. I won't pick on him too much for his lame excuse. Ooops, did "lame" slip out?

Four rollers left at 5:45 for the 30 mile "Meckling Loop": Craig T, Cindy L., and a roller riding his first Lane Hog ride, Pongo (John R). You have to love a guy who comes with his own handle. No need to make one up, it fits him well. It was a great ride and there is no doubt the former runner is a darn good biker as well.

Upon coming home I was barely off the bike when I was greeted with "Hi Daddy, want to go on a ride"? I was planning on taking Laura out for a few miles anyway, so we hooked up the tag-a-long for Carson and did a slow eight mile urban ride.

Tomorrow night might have to be a tandem ride. Laura needs to start putting on some miles and toughening up the butt.

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thE_kErnEl said...

sounds like a great night