Monday, May 12, 2008

Redneck Bicycling?

Laura had the van. I needed gas so the oldest could continue to mow. No problem, I'll just hook up the Grocery Getter and get some gas while the older two watched the youngest. Well, not so fast: Carson was adamant that he wanted to go. When I mean adamant, I mean adamant.

NO NO NO...Not "Adam Ant" (you have "Goody Two Shoes" stuck in your head right now...admit it), adamant. Demanding. Determined. I AM GOING WITH YOU.

Well let's see: Gas can might be tough to hold while pulling the trail-a-bike. Other options? Hmmmm....let's see if the grocery getter will hook up behind the trail-a-bike. I tried this behind the kid carrier once and it was not great because one trailer was out into traffic too far. This time however, it amazingly hooked up great!

Marissa rode along too as we picked up gas and a couple gallons of milk (because we could). Oh the looks we received. I wondered how many were amazed and how many thought I was the ultimate cycling redneck. I could care less. I'm biking. You're not. It was painful enough filling up my little container for the lawnmower at $3.59 a gallon (I wonder if Mom still has the old non-powered blade mower). I digress yet again.

Anyhow, here is the redneck bicycle train in all its glory.


SD_pedalpower said...


barry said...

Can the tandem/trail-a-bike/grocery getter 'big train' be coming soon??

bikingbrady said...

Hmmmm....I'd have to do some moving of the attachment and a bigger spacer, but it may have to be attempted.

Biking Duluth said...

Sweetness! That's it. I'm now on the hunt for an assortment of trilers, the kid and also utility kind.

DIRK said...

Nice. I bet the man tandem could pull a cooler of beer for Bunyan's to Bob's.

bikingbrady said...

Team Man Tandem will be taking different routes. I'm taking the gravel, he's staying on the road.