Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PTA-Safe Routes To School Recap

This PTA group was, as I expected, the best and well received crowd yet. I engaged them with some of my planned ideas as well as a couple videos that I have posted HERE.

It's going to take a coordinated effort of many people to make this happen and I really feel that the PTA will be fully on board supporting this project. After I left the presentation, they voted to donate money to help offset expenses starting the project. I was VERY pleased with this.

It is all coming together, albeit slowly. If there were not these little things called a job, family, and "personal sanity time" this would be a piece of cake!

Next up: Talking with Vermillion PD to get an idea of areas that need safety improvement, places for kids to meet to walk/bike to school, and any other input they have on the project.

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Biking Duluth said...

Good luck with all of this. I'm watching closely as I was VP of our PTA last year and am bringing up some related subjects here now. Looking forward to more related news.