Sunday, December 21, 2008

Levels of Insanity

I no longer need to prove my insanity as I believe that fact has been established for years. The only thing left to prove is the severity of it. This weekend may have proven it's in the latter stages of the disease.

Example one: Went to work on a computer about a mile and a half away yesterday at zero degrees with 20 mph wind. I was layered okay, but I will say that it was brisk.

Example two: Went to work at the basketball game at -1 degrees with a sustained 28 mph wind with gusts of 40. On the way there, I was right into the teeth of the wind, very uncovered towards the end. Quite possibly the coldest mile and a half I've ever ridden because of the wind.

To make matters worse I cut across campus like I always do on my way to the game and the sidewalks were drifting pretty good from the blowing snow. I looked at this with boyish glee and started going as fast as I possibly could so I could do some drift busting. Worst. Idea. Ever. Seems that all the drifting snow was not light and fluffy, it was hard, packed and crunchy. The only saving grace was that I hit the semi hard stuff before the really hard stuff. I went from about 17 mph to 8 mph to 0 mph in about half a second. My Chris King headset was like a catcher's mitt for my cajones, minus the nice soft leather part. I found an alternate route to the dome that was less snow packed and less painful for "the boys".

At the game, I was asked: "What is the temperature that you simply will not ride". I had seriously not pondered that before. After brief thought I said, "I guess I haven't found it yet".

I did however ride with the family to church toady and to the kids pageant tonight. I now take more crap when I do catch a ride than when I don't. I'm okay with that.


Sprocket said...

I'm sure Santa will bring you a new set of cajones--if you've been nice! While your at it, ask for some's another "stuffed" pastery...make it a multicultural holiday. Sorry about the "boys" |-0

Sprocket said...

Ya...ya...ya...your--you're (contraction of you are). Ewe wood thunk I dun't no better. IT WAS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS--'TIS THE SEASON. Merry Christmas to the Biking Brady Family!

Doug said...

I haven't found my limit yet, either. My coldest ride so far is -28 with a -40 windchill.