Friday, January 09, 2009

Calling Out Idiots

I decided to start a new, more evil practice of "calling out idiots" on the road by posting their license plate on my blog. Is that stepping over the line? Maybe. Do I care? No. Let's begin, shall we?

As I was coming into work at a rather rapid pace a Silver Ford Explorer (or one of the other gas guzzling minions) was pulling out of a driveway. I quit pedaling for one stroke fearing the idiot would pull out completely. Then, much to my amazement they stopped, apparently seeing me so I started hammering away again so I could get by in a timely fashion. But NOOOOOOO they pulled out of the driveway, all the way across the street, causing me to lock up my bike and slide sideways on part ice/part pavement conditions.

Trust me when I say they seen me in their mirror as I made sure they did. So, here's to my first official calling out of an idiot.

Iowa Plate 695ABU - YOU'RE AN IDIOT!


Anonymous said...

great idea. Glad it wasn't too bad of a wreck.

SD_pedalpower said...

Calling out the Idiots - NICE - Also love your new photo on your masthead.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! Let's hope it catches on. Who knows, maybe if we get enough folks doing it we could get some attention of some noteworthies or something to get the spotlight put on these buffoons!

DIRK said...

Be especially careful around cars with Woodbury County Iowa plates.

Cactus Eyed Joe said...

I am all for it. I just had someone pass the car behind me to cut me off at the Pine Street and Clark Street intersection. This was the second time this car had buzzed me. Unfortunately I did not get the license plate number but I will next time.