Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

Yes, we broke down and got a Wii. At first I thought we were crazy, but I have to admit that I'm very impressed with it. After a bad case of "Wii Shoulder" (It's a medical condition...look it up!) from playing Wii Sports and the Wii Play, I picked up a Wii Fit and Laura and I now have more problems than Wii Shoulder.

Understand that I'm in "decent" shape. As a cyclist. My core? Well, I thought it was okay, but what little Yoga that I do, it's not nearly as strong as it should be. I'll be working extra hard to get the core in shape in the I'm-not-on-the-road-with-my-bicycle-as-much-as-I'd-like-to-be portion of the year.

I also picked up Mario Party 8 for the Wii with some gift cards the kids got for Christmas, but I haven't given them that yet. It might have to wait until the weekend so they can concentrate on school until then.

In other noise, we added to our family this weekend. Although I "supposedly" had final say in the matter, I don't really think I did. They both seem pretty cool (so far) and are getting along well with the dog. Mittens (our 'first born' cat) is still not happy about the new family members. He may never get over it. He's weird that way.

At any rate, here are Tiger and Tic Tac.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Wii world! After my first day of Wii sports I could barely lift my arm the next day. The kittens are cute. We did the same thing this year and our 11 year old cat if finally adapting. Those little guys eventually wear them down.

Anonymous said...

My kids love Mario Party 8 And for a a little running get Outdoor Challenge I only tried it once before the operation it will also give you a little workout

Jay Dub said...

I too "broke down" and got a wii and wii fit for my wife for Christmas. And like you, I realized that no matter how much I biked last year, my core is pitifully weak.

My abs are currently sore, though, so I'm on the way to being better. :D

Eric A. said...

Both the Wii, and cats , are awesome!

Road Legs said...

Love our Wii play every night with the boys