Thursday, January 22, 2009

Noon Cycling Class - Maximum Capacity (Plus)

In all the years I've been teaching Cycling Classes for the USD Campus Recreation Department, I've had probably four total classes that were so full that I gave up my instructor bike and allowed somebody else to ride while I taught the class. The first three were some of the very first classes, back when "spinning" was all the rage. Today was the fourth. Apparently while I was teaching others came in and then turned around when they realized we were full. What a cool problem to have!

I warned everybody that I don't teach anything that I wouldn't do on a real bike. I don't "hover" over the seat, do out of the saddle time with no hands, or do "jumps" where you sit for two pedal strokes and out for two. Stuff like that needs to find its way out of spin classes. I teach a class for cyclists, not creative (and potentially dangerous) aerobics.

That being said, everybody seemed to do just fine. I was very impressed as half the class had never been in a cycling class before. We will see how many keep showing up after our "free" week that we are currently in. I hope it's many and I hope that we can get some of them riding outdoors with us!

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