Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Darned if You Do

I've put off this post long enough. For those who have (for some silly reason) followed my blog for any length of time, you will recall a POST about Mrs. Biking Brady and I NOT sending Carson to Kindergarten this year, even though he was eligible.

Today was the first day of school in Vermillion. Carson was there. We've known he was going to be for quite some time now. I just couldn't blog about it until now. After all the "you made the right choice" comments when we wasn't going to send him, it was a tough decision TO send him.

Why the change of heart? First was his Pre-School teacher. He started Pre School late and at our first conference she said that he was instantly the "popular kid" and everybody loved him, but that he was "average" with letter recognition and such. That's when we made our initial decision to not send him. When we had our second conference she told us that he had made huge strides and that he was actually doing better than the kids older than him in the class. She suggested that we either send him to Kindergarten or to Pre-School otherwise he would quite simply be "bored" for a whole year before sending him to school.

That pretty much clinched it, but this summer Carson started pointing too and reading all the letters and numbers on one of my biking t-shirts. Every. Last. Letter. And. Number. The rest of the summer I constantly quizzed him and he pretty much knows what he needs to know. There were moments when he was being an ornery five year old and didn't want to play my silly parenting games, but he knows his alphabet very well.

There are other reasons we decided to send him, but I don't want to go into great details because this is mainly a biking blog with a smattering of family stuff. Consider this your smattering.

To my friends, family, blog lurkers who supported my decision not to send Carson, I am sorry if I disappointed you. That being said, we truly feel we are making the right decision. Since we know our son more than anyone (at least I hope we do), we will stand by our decision.


Jay Dub said...

Not that it matters or that you know me, but I skipped kindergarten altogether and I'm glad for it. I ended up going to plenty of years of school anyway. But the way I understand it, I've put on enough years that skipping kindergarten isn't an option anymore. So I hope Carson has fun. :D

Tez said...

Only you know your own son and know what is best for him!

hellimat said...

if anyone gives you crap tell em the hellimat will give em hell :)

The Old Bag said...

And you know, we'll all support you in this decision, too!

Anonymous said...

You and Laura raise Carson the way you see fit, and everyone elses' advice is worth what it cost you.
Failing that, when Hellimat is done with 'em, send 'em over to the Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - what Tez & Hooterville Mayor said!