Monday, August 18, 2008

Spearfish Canyon Ride - Take II

I have the Garmin downloaded and found out that I forgot to reset it between rides (oops). Laura and I rode it again on Sunday afternoon/evening so you are getting a collaboration of two duplicate rides. Apparently it was necessary to get a half way decent profile of the ride from Spearfish up Spearfish Canyon to Savoy and back. The problem definitely is with the Canyon walls as it kept beeping as it went in and out of service where it couldn't triangulate the satellites.

The reason that I forgot to reset the Garmin between rides is that my Garmin, while it still works after a tumble out of my pocket on the MS Bike Tour, I no longer have a visible readout. The tumble also caused the screen to spiderweb and nothing is visible. I'm sad, but I'm glad that it still works until I can get it replaced.

I would love to get one good set of Garmin stats from this ride. It's a healthy climb but it is also one of the most beautiful rides in the state. If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest it. Pictures from the ride to follow soon. Like after we find the charger and charge the battery!

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Tez said...

I would have to say "WEEEEEEE" on the downhills! Good for you guys. I noticed when we were out there for the Festival of the book last year that a lot of people bike the canyon for the fall colors! I am sure it was really wonderful! YOU GO LAURA!