Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spearfish Canyon Ride

Laura and I came unprepared for the climate change that happens quickly in the Black Hills as it was pretty chilly yesterday. When we started in Spearfish it was overcast and chilly and got worse as we were climbing in Spearfish Canyon.

Originally we were going to go to Cheyenne Crossing but Laura was pretty cold so we turned around at Savoy. I kept hearing a little brake noise so I made minor adjustments and then everything went wrong. The brake literally came apart. I'll have to have a talk with The Owner about that. The pad is literally missing from one side. I got it working good enough to get us back to Spearfish and Two Wheeler Dealer where Joe worked his magic and slapped on a new set of brake pads on the BBT and it's happy as a clam now.

I'll have some pictures from the ride when I get back home as I'm at the library in beautiful downtown Whitewood currently. Now it's off to the family reunion.


thE_kErnEl said...

what a beautiful ride

Snakebite said...

You know, if you converted that contraption to a fixed gear, you really wouldn't need brakes.