Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Return of the BBT

I came home from work tired. By tired I really mean tired. Working long days at work and moving two departments computer equipment and peripherals half way across town really wore me out.

I was thinking that a short snooze might be in order before supper. Laura wasn't home and when I questioned the kids as to her whereabouts they said she was running errands. When I called her cell she was doing one last thing and was going to come home. Out of politeness, I asked if she wanted to ride. She said yes but she needed to be home by 7:00. I immediately forgot how tired I was and I prepared the tandem for takeoff.

Shortly after her arrival home the woman who said she would not be riding this week after the MS Bike Tour and I were off for a quick 22 miler over to Hwy 12 in Nebraska. It was a nice ride and I have to say that I'm impressed with Laura's ability to bounce back from her first 150 mile weekend. She even took pictures as she enjoyed the ride. It looks like her new addiction is here to stay! Another cycling addict!

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