Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Sioux Falls Crit

CDV and I made our way up to Sioux Falls to watch a criterion (crit) race today, partially to see what it was like live, but mainly to root on some friends.

In the Junior race, Jim Wynia from Platte smoked everybody by about half the course. For the first three for four laps, CDV and I kept yelling that somebody was right on his tail. Unfortunately after awhile he could see the other competitors when he was making his return so the "make Jim work harder" plan quit working. He did ride hard though and easily coasted to the FIRST EVER SOUTH DAKOTA CRIT CHAMPIONSHIP (it was the first race of the day).

In the CAT 5 race, the MuSCLe raced and young Mr. Wynia hopped right back in to race again. There was an entrant that we were NOT expecting to see, but he ran darn well indeed. Who was this masked (- Car) man? Justin Manning from Vermillion was running as part of the Central Plains Cycling team and ended up getting second. Travis Krueger also ran this race (part of our MS Bike Tour team and former USD Coyote) and was right with the leaders the whole race, but ended up just not having enough to try to push for the win. IF that boy ever seriously trained, it would be scary though.

In the Women's race, Travis' sister Laura took the two "bonus" laps and won a set of tires and $50 cash. On the final sprint she got screwed as a girl came from the far OUTSIDE of a four lane road and pushed Laura to the far INSIDE by the end of the sprint. Laura pleaded her case to the race official, but it didn't sound like anything was going to become of it. It was a pretty crappy deal from our vantage point.

The last race we watched was the "kids" race as two of the younger Wynia boys raced a short lap. It was more for fun than anything, but the brothers were "in it to win it" as they sprinted on their mountain bikes while most kids had mountain bikes or 20"ers.

After a quick trip to Scheels and HuHot Mongolian Grill, CDV and I skipped the bigger races and came home. I'm sure they were exciting, but we just didn't know anybody in them.

We did see many familiar faces in the crowd as the FAB boys were helping out at corners. CDV and I spent quite a bit of time with the kErnEl as the corner he was on had a high wipe out probability. Much to our chagrin the only wipe out was on the other end of the course. We also seen Dirk, MinusCar, the MuSCLe, CycleSD, Bald-n-Surly, Hellimat, Cheryl & Warren, The Krueger's, and The extended Wynia clan.

CDV and I both agree it was a morning well spent. We had a blast and the day was perfect. Part of me wishes I would have taken my bike along, but part of me was quite happy where I was. It was a good time and I hope they continue the race. It was well done indeed! Good show chaps!

Side note: The Apple Fritters at Starbucks are a dollar more and half the size of the fritters at the Royal Bake Shop in Centerville. God Bless small town bakeries!

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