Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Apple Fritter Ride

The last time we rode to Centerville on a Saturday morning, Cathy Jo took me "back to the day" when I used to get a treat from the Royal Bake Shop as a young lad. Now it's becoming somewhat of a tradition when we go to Centerville. Oh sure, FAB has it's "Coffee and Donuts" ride and it's a great ride meandering around streets and bike path of Sioux Falls, but would they ride 50+ miles for their donuts?

Today CDV, Kwen S., Darin W. and I headed to Centerville and picked up Cathy Jo along the way (she was only about 4-5 miles north of Vermillion by the time we ran into her coming south). It was a little chilly this morning, yet another sign that Fall is just around the corner. It was a great ride made even greater by the presence of this at the half way point:

As we left Cathy Jo to head back to Wakonda to get back for a wedding shower, she said "Have an apple fritter for me". I took that challenge and ate two. You're welcome. You also owe me 75 cents.


Bald_n_Surly said...

It amazes me how you are always "picking up" people on some lonely Clay County road. You got some sort of Star Trek communication system going down there.

Anonymous said...

Only 75 cents for a apple fritter? Man, that's awesome! I love apple fritters.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the rest of the FAB folk, but I would ride 50 miles for an apple fritter like that!!! But your right, our C&D ride is more about socializing whilst slowly meandering the streets of the Big City than a road ride. C'mon up sometime!
(and bring some fritters!)

Unknown said...

Looks yummy! But I don't recall agreeing to pay for your apple fritter addiction!