Monday, December 29, 2008

Xtracycle vs. Trailer Cagematch

I'm a huge fan of all things bicycle. When it comes to doing all things that I can on the bike, I'm totally there. That being said, I haven't made the jump to the Xtracycle (yet). I love the concept and always have, but every time I weigh the pros and cons, my Burley Flatbed (aka "The Grocery Getter") wins.


1. I can haul so much more with the Burley Flatbed, especially since the "upgrade" to the 45 gallon Rubbermaid container from the "weenie" 30 gallon one.

2. It disconnects easily allowing me to put it on almost any bike. My son often uses it to pull his tenor sax to school which is way cool by me.


1. Two extra tires to worry about about.

2. Only a 100 pound load limit (supposedly).

I want to hear from you Xtracycle people about your great love of your bike as a cargo carrier or if you think that maybe my choice is spot on. I'm not here to say that either choice is better. I'm just here to continue the conversation that the voices in my head have on occasion.

In case you were wondering, if I was to go the Xtracycle route, I do dream in Surly Big Dummy green.


SiouxGeonz said...

The comments I read from people after they've gotten an Xtracycle are all about how they make doing things with the bike just natural and routine.

I *thought* I was "totally there" with doing things by bicycle - though I didn't have a trailer. I knew I wanted to get past the "I could take the bike, but I have to bring..." issue. To my surprise, the Xtra shifted me a good three more notches over... from "OKay, I'm free to take the bike to more places" to, honestly, "ew, I might really have to take the car? Well, it *has* been three weeks since I drove it anywhere, and Cindy and David need a ride..." (Duly note: I don't do passengers with it, so now Cindy and David need to get rides otherhow, since I ended up selling my car to be used as a taxi.)

I am seriously considering getting one - still costs less than insuring a car would- because of the advantages you list, and because it could go on the back of the Xtracycle.

I don't have to plan around my hauling with the Xtra. Yard sale on my way home - 3$ for that bookcase? MINE :) Paint? Christmas and Grocery shopping... both? No problem.

I love the way it handles - like a bicycle :) It doesn't have a 100 pound limit (tho' I got sturdier wheels, etc.)

I am not a DIY person. I set women's liberation back to the fifties with every attempt to add to my very rudimentary repertoire of mechanical skills. I'm impaired at stuff like careful packing... Xtra doesn't mind. However, if I *were* the DIY type... oh, the places I could go...

The thing is also just such a wonderful piece of engineering elegance - I keep discovering little intelligences about it. It continues to grow on me.

Yea, it's a blathering testimonial... no, it's not perfect. The disk brakes sometimes have issues (I don't know what they are but there are, I think, things that get bent by those assorted loads I toss on too carelessly... I'm more careful now and my bike guru put something as a prophylactic down there). The bags... I've got a hole in one (which may also be why the load attacked the brakes). Still, I've had mine for goin' on two years and we're great partners.

Snakebite said...

Owning a Big Dummy, and loving it, I could make an argument for a long bike. However, for that argument to be valid I'd have to had pulled a trailer to make a fair comparison, which I have not.

I can make this argument - if you get a BOB, or other trailer, you can pull it with a bike you have now. If you go Big Dummy (instead of Xtracycle conversion kit) you've just justified getting another bike.

The Designer's Prospective said...

What about the Kona Ute. Yes I am a Kona fan. I have not tried one, ridden one or have any reason to have a pro or con either way. However, I do want one or I want to build a trailer. I can see many uses for them and it's the greatest.

I've also considered purchasing one of those xtracycle conversion kits that are available. I have an old mt bike that would be a perfect fit. The cost is much much less than the cost of a Surly or Kona.

Apertome said...

Why not pull your trailer with a Big Dummy and get the best of both worlds?

rigtenzin said...

I'm sorry to derail this discussion a bit, but my experience is with a BOB trailer. It works, but it only on bikes that have the special skewer. It tips over easily. These aren't big problems, but I also have a Burley trailer to haul kids and it's much easier to work with than the BOB. In conclusion, I think the Burley-style trailer is better for utility cycling than the BOB style. The BOB is probably great for touring though.

I'm sorry, I realize that wasn't your question, but when I've got something to say, I can't be stopped.

thE_kErnEl said...

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