Saturday, January 03, 2009

Late New Year's Cycling Resolutions

As I make my simple resolutions for 2009, I'd like to wish the best for many friends who had a bad year relationship-wise. I did have a few friends find/re-find happiness, but I had far too many have relationships fall apart. My wish is for healing and healthy relationships for all.

Now, for resolutions:

1. More bike, less car.

2. Get my good friend CDV , and anybody else I can talk into coming along, from Wyoming to Minnesota in 48 hours on the Gut Check, even if I don't make it (although I hope to also).

3. To further continue to encourage my wife and her new found love of cycling, both on the tandem and on her new Bianchi.

4. To try to get my two older children to go on 10-20-30 mile rides. They bike around town all the time and always say they want to ride more. It might be time to test the waters on that.

5. Continue advocacy efforts, both local and statewide.

6. As so well put by Eddy Merckx when asked how to train: "Ride...Lots"

There you have it, very simple resolutions. Nothing earth shattering other than I have no real plan to keep up on mileage for the year. I'll ride plenty. Trust me.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, "Ride. Lots." Those are great goals. Good luck in achieving as many as you can.