Saturday, August 09, 2008

The BBT Does a Service Call

One of my Mom's good friends needed help with her computer so through arrangements with Cycling Cathy I had the computer brought from Wakonda (and returned it for me -- I will take you out for coffee, PROMISE!) so I could look at it.

I received a call from Lois last night and she still wasn't connecting. I tried three different times over the phone and was frustrated because I knew it was connected just prior to leaving my house. She was pulling an IP at her house and none of it made sense.

I adjusted the plans of an early morning 30 mile ride with the group this morning so Laura and I and the big blue tandem could break off at about the 15 mile point to continue on to Wakonda so I could look at the problem. It was nice as we had a chance to talk with my Mom and Lois for a bit before returning home for a round trip of nearly 50 miles.

We almost waited a little too long as the wind started to pick up out of the SE so we had to fight it a little on the way home. It was a nice ride though and good to get Laura out for a longer ride after two punishing days on the MS Bike Tour last weekend. She did fine (as always) and we had most of the morning to ourselves to talk about all the things we meant to but never seemed to have time to during the week.

The problem with the computer you ask? I was pulling an IP from the router but not able to ping the outside world because.......somehow the cable was disconnected between the DSL modem and the router. Five minute fix for a little over three hours of riding. Splendid, but DOH!


Unknown said...

If I would have known the BBT was out, I would have been there to draft off of you! I just got done with a long, slow, solo century. Left Wakonda at 7:30am, went to Irene, Viborg, Centerville, Vermillion, Meckling, Volin, Gayville, Wakonda and then 3 miles south and a loop in town to make it 100. It was rough going from Centerville to Vermillion, hot and windy. I got to Vermillion at noon. I imagine you were way ahead of me!

thE_kErnEl said...

give me the internets

CDV said...

Damn Cathy Jo you are knocking off centuries left and right. Seems like a once a week ride for you. Are you secretly in training for Gut-Check?

bikingbrady said...

Cathy Jo, we would have certainly left you draft! The only century I have this year is if Laura and I can add our mileage together separately to get to 100. Not sure why, but getting a century just wasn't high on my priority list this year. However, there is still plenty of time :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't see the forest for the trees, happens to all of us. I was working with a guy that was trouble shooting a line printer to more than an hour trying to figure out why it was printing a 6 LPI instead of 8. He was really pissed when I showed him the 6/8 LPI switch was in the 6 LPI position!!! Of course, I never let him forget just whom had the best troubleshooting skills after that!

DIRK said...

I can't believe you got her back on the BBT so soon. Who's giving the massages now?