Friday, July 20, 2007

Excitement Looms for the Aebleskiver Ride Tomorrow

Doesn't this look like a great reason to ride? Viborg, SD has Danish Days this weekend and the local Methodist Church makes Aebleskiver. It's sort of a "filled pancake ball" for lack of a better term. Last year, Cathy L., a fellow Lane Hog from Wakonda came up with the idea for this ride and it's a great one. So great that people will be coming from all directions. Some will leave from Wakonda, some from Vermillion, one from Alcester, some from Beresford. Riders are coming down from Sioux Falls even.

In only it's second year, the ride has become legendary! The subtitle for the ride this year is Tandems and bikes and trikes, OH MY! All credit for that goes to Cathy, but I thought it was cute. A couple from Sioux Falls is riding a tandem and another guy from Sioux Falls is coming with his trike. Laura and I might ride from Wakonda back to Vermillion on our tandem as well. A full report of the ride will be posted after the event!

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