Sunday, July 08, 2007

I Think I've Been Sassed!

I think I was sassed tonight. Let me check, yes I WAS sassed! Maybe somethings shouldn't be said in blogs, but then again that is half the fun of rambling on here.

I pick on Craig a little. Oh wait, maybe more than a little. Okay, okay, a LOT. Giving him crap for his "day off" on the Tour de Kota when he rode with the ladies (which got backlash from the ladies as well---I just can't win). One of the only times that I finally got a comment out of him via the blog was about whose gastric disturbances were nastier on the Tour (his were worse, mine had more casualties).

Moving on...remember the scene in Men In Black where the Bug (in his "Edgar Suit") says "Ever pull the wings off a fly? Care to see the fly get even?". Well, that night was tonight. After blogging about my struggles in training for the Gut Check, along with my newly acquired affliction of unknown origins, I received the inevitable phone call this evening from Craig. Highlights of the call (in no particular order):

1. Man, you're getting old
2. You do sound horrible
3. Maybe you should bag the Gut Check
4. Maybe we should do it as a team
5. Maybe we all should bag it and just go on a biking vacation
6. Through your blogging we see a chink in your armor.

#4 & #5 sound like AWESOME options, but I've told too many people and I'm way too committed this year to back out now. Next year maybe I can be persuaded to do something else, but don't mess with my Gut Check in 2007. I've got to do this, if for nobody else, for me. I just have to see if my body can handle this or not. If not, fine, I'll admit my defeat. It will make me MORE likely to try it again though! If I make it, mission accomplished (again, not in the GW Bush kinda "mission accomplished"). The chances of me walking away from the Gut Check, at least as an individual, would greatly increase if I can complete this solo in the alloted time.

So, sass away, I deserve it and I'll take it like a man. Oh, by the way, ill or not, I still got in 16 miles on the tandem with Laura tonight. I'm liking the tandem very much. With the wind at our backs Laura and I hammered the pedals for a short bit and hit 34.8 on the flats. Just wait until she gets stronger, this is going to be dangerous!

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