Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It Figures

Okay, as if I'm not stressed out enough about the 412 mile Gut Check bike ride/race an interesting tidbit of an email just hit my inbox from Josh Ellis the event organizer. But first a song. Yes, a song. Classic 80's song from Howard Jones called "Things Can Only Get Better":

And do you feel scared - I do
But I won't stop and falter
And if we threw it all away
Things can only get better
Wow wow wow oh, wow wow wow oh oh oh oh

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Where were we? Oh right, the email. Without further ado, I give you "the email":

Location: Between Doland and Frankfort (MRM 319-327.33).
Project: Road reconstruction.
What to expect: Road closed.
Suggestions: Signs will direct traffic to use US281, SD28 and 406th Avenue as a detour.
For more information: Huron Area Office, (605) 353-7140.

I contacted the Huron office and the good news is that the detour is on all paved roads the "interesting" news is that the detour will add about 40 miles to this years Gut Check making it 452 miles. The detour goes 20 miles south on 281, 20 miles east on SD28, and 20 miles north on 406th Ave.


What 40 extra miles "means" in average miles per hour terms:

Josh seemed like such a nice guy when we had lunch. I used to like Josh.


SD_pedalpower said...

You mean there is no way to make it work going 15 mph the whole distance? I guess that is one of many reasons I do not have the GUTS to do this. You guys are crazy...but in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Tough break but I'm sure you'll still make it. You've got the miles and the GUTS. Just say "A mear 40 miles? Ha, I'll ride it backwards! You cannot intimidate me Josh!"

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE that you don't just want to stay in town for the wedding? ;-)