Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekly Cycling Log - July 2 - July 8

Back to posting the "boring" weekly miles. Notice however there are TANDEM miles now! Next year I'm going to revamp the worksheet with many more categories: Indoor vs. Outdoor miles, Tandem miles, Commuting/Errand Miles, Road Miles, Mtn. Bike miles. If you have any input or awesome spreadsheets, feel free to send them my way!

4-Jul81.56Bridge-Dalesburg-Nora-Elk Point
5-Jul27.73Commuting(5.51) + Bridge-Clay Co. Park(22.22)
6-Jul19.76Commuting(4.26) + Tandem(15.50)
7-Jul75.04Laurel, NE
8-Jul16.21Spirit Mound-Tandem

 Weekly Totals:YTD Totals
Total Miles:236.254946.80
Projected Miles-20079553.34

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