Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tour de Kota - Wednesday - Dell Rapids to Madison

Okay, summer is keeping me real busy so I'm only going to hit the highlights of the last few days of the Tour de Kota so I can finish my blogging.

4:30 am wakeup. 4:35 CRACK (read: thunder). 4:45 rain. 4:55 stopped...take tent down. 4:56 tent partially down, rain some more (dammit). For the next hour or so we hid under one of the park shelters, ate breakfast and cursed our luck. Finally, we decided to just go. It rained for the first hour or so of our journey. We only took two stops all day, once for a church group who set up in the middle of the country with goodies (how can you just ride by THAT?!?!) and once at the lake before Madison at the country club because I had to go wee.

Highlights: We passed the same guy three times. He was with the Air National Guard and he admitted he didn't unclip all day as he didn't want his buddies to catch him. He said they were stronger, but he wanted this one little victory!

Laura shows up!: My wife joined us in Madison for the duration of the trip.

Free Food: Madison made a free supper for the riders and $8 for non riders. It was a good meal and my favorite kind: FREE!

Day 4 Stats (via my Garmin)
Miles: 49.78
Ave pace: 17.3 mph
Temp Ave: 67.6
Temp High: 69.8
Wind Ave: SE 8.4
Wind High: SE 13.8
Start Time: Jun 13, 2007 6:37:33 AM
Finish Time: Jun 13, 2007 9:44:25 AM
Moving Time: 2:52:14
Elevation Gain 1,567
Elevation Loss 1,343
Net Elevation Change 224

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