Sunday, July 01, 2007

Monthly Mileage Update

I'm now 4 weeks behind on my weekly mileage and unless somebody whose life absolutely hangs in the balance of my weekly updates, I'm just going to start again this week. I WILL however give you my monthly recap now.

MonthTotal MilesAve/DayTraining MilesCommuting Files


Anonymous said...

Did you know that integrates a workout log with your blog. Charts and graphs are automatically updated and useable in your blog.


bikingbrady said...

Thanks Phil, I'll check it out. I'm an Excel geek so it's no biggy to me to do it this way, but I'm all about easy.

Anonymous said...

Are these all road miles or do they include trainer miles? I've only started reading your blog but it appears you're in South Dakota and I have a mental image of riding outside in January that either puts you in my 'insane' or 'hero' categories. I'm not sure which at this point.

bikingbrady said...

Riddenwords...there are plenty of trainer miles early in the year included. I do commute during the winter, but nothing major. Maybe next year I will tweak my spreadsheet to show indoor vs. outdoor miles as well.

We have talked about trying to do a century a month in 2008. We will see how THAT idea goes with South Dakota winters!