Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Backroad Cycling WILL Stink This Summer in SD

Dreaming of a wonderful, quiet ride in the country this summer? Very few cars to deal with, beautiful skies......and the stench of dead animals....bring it on.

From Keloland.com

Negotiators Change Roadkill Bill

It appears that the financially pinched state highway fund in South Dakota has avoided another million-dollar-plus hit.

Legislative negotiators have stripped a provision from a bill that would have required the state to pay for the removal of dead deer from county roadsides.

HB1293 instead will require dead deer pickup within 96 hours from only state highways.

State Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist says it costs about $380,000 a year to do that now, but it would cost up to $1.5 million more to also pay contractors to retrieve dead deer from county highways.


SD_pedalpower said...

What my dad use to say about our large hog operation.

"Ah, the smell of money"

bikingbrady said...

I don't mind the "smell of money", but dead, rotting animals....YUCK!

Road Legs said...

I saw a dead deer right off the bike trail in Sioux Falls last year do only to curiosity because I wanted to know what the crows were picking at. Also amazed traveling down highway 11 last year how many small animals are hit.