Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Craptastic Weather

Sunday - 45-48 degrees. Road bike ride. Beautiful day. February paradise in South Dakota.

Monday - Rain - freezing rain - strong north wind. On the way to the dome to teach cycling class I thought I was being shot at with a pellet rifle. It was still warm enough to be "ridable" outside.

Tuesday morning - NOT warm enough (18 degrees). Schools starting late. Roads are a SHEET of ice. One of my slowest commutes EVAH as I didn't want to "pull a kErnEl". That poor dude has had a long road to recovery from his broken wrist.

This craptastic weather needs to end soon. Even Mr. Bite is getting crabby about the weather towards the end of a recent post.

Here is hoping that this weekend's South Dakota Bicycle Summit will cheer us all up, get us excited about cycling, and also begin the warming of the weather.

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CDV said...

From sunny to shit in less than 24 hours, that's SD for you