Thursday, February 28, 2008

Road Kill Bill Flattened

The "stinky" bill reported earlier this week was officially killed this week. Truly, for those of you not from South Dakota, the amount of stinky, dead roadkill in the summer is already nasty. I can't imagine if this bill would have went through!


Roadkill Bill Goes Belly Up

The South Dakota Legislature's roadkill bill has been flattened.

After the House and Senate failed to agree on common language for the measure, a negotiating committee recommended the bill be scrapped.

The Senate voted unanimously Thursday to kill the bill. The House was expected to do the same later in the evening.

HB1293 would have required that dead deer be picked up from state highways within 96 hours.

Sen. Jim Lintz of Hermosa said the measure is not needed because state officials realize the Legislature wants dead critters removed from the roadside quickly.

"The dead deer bill is a dead duck," Lintz told the Senate.

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