Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Me, Causing Trouble Again

This will fall into another Pet Peeve category, but I'm now officially trying to stir the pot a little at work. It's been wearing on me for awhile, but I finally got up the cajones to call somebody about it. Well, I left a message on their audix and I'm patiently waiting a reply.

This issue? Well, like a few hearty souls here at work, I bike to work regardless of the weather. That includes snow, something we have had a decent amount of as of late. This issue has been worse in the past, but it was JUST bad enough today that I decided to tactfully bring it to somebody's attention.

I still digress. The issue: Snow, Bike Racks, and the supreme ability to plow snow up to them but not clean them out. You know, sort of like when you shovel out the driveway and that damn snowplow comes by and puts that hard stuff right where you just shoveled? Well, maybe that's worse. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took today. One at the dome and one outside my office building.

The Dakota Dome bike rack:Outside My Office

My dream (Oh yes, I have a dream baby!): To have at least a couple stalls (if not the whole bike rack) shoveled out. It's MY parking spot. Would car drivers bitch if their parking spot had six inches of snow and they had to step in it? Darn straight they would. Then why should I have to step in it to park my bike? So help me God, if one of you "cagers" (that's a vehicle driver for those uninformed with cyclist lingo) tell me that I should be driving because of the conditions, I shall be most inclined to go postal upside your head.

I shall be updating you on this issue as I foresee a battle about to commence. Now that the ball is rolling, I don't intend to let it rest. Snow removal or bust!


The Designer's Prospective said...

Fight for your right to park!

Anonymous said...

I think "go postal upside your head" should be replaced with "Open up a large can of whup ass". Good luck, it would mean that someone actually has to get OUT of the plowing vehicle and use a shovel. Manual labor.
Yup, good luck, and I will be on the lookout for sales on "Large Cans of WhupAss" at my local mart.

CDV said...

I walked out of the dome last Saturday and made the comment to the Mrs. I can't believe they bury the bike racks under snow. There was a nice Trek Mt Bike which looked liked it been locked up there for several weeks, someone should be arrested for bike abuse.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about sidewalks. The stretch that isn't University maintained between campus and the dome sucks!!! Ice 3 inches thick, snow drifts 3 feet deep. Ugh. Walking in the street is safer.

I 2nd CDV's comment on the bikes left at the dome. It's as though they went in to work out and came out during a blizzard. I bet they're saying, "Dude, where's my bike?"