Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Watching the Eclipse with the Fam

We all got in the van and ventured a couple miles out of town to watch the moon eclipse for a little over an hour. It really is an amazing thing to watch. The natives (the kids) were getting restless and we boogied back home to get them into bed. Which turned out to be a good thing as I'm still sitting in front of our living room window (at 9:55pm) on the floor patiently awaiting the uncovering, which is slowly starting to happen.

The uncovering of the moon is cool so far, but it was more fun watching it cover with the amazement of the kids. Most "amazing" things are more fun with kids as they are so dramatic about things. "COOL!..AWESOME! THAT'S NEAT!" Even our 11 year old said that he was glad we went out to watch it. Getting a compliment like that from him is slightly amazing, so it must be pretty awesome.

I'm going to hang out with Mrs. Brady in front of the window, drinking a Blue Moon, and enjoying a little more of the show for a bit. Peace.

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The Designer's Prospective said...

Re: Nothing is wrong with a Giant, George has ridden a Trek for his entire career. Now he looks different. What's wrong with Trek, Happyrider rides a Trek. I admit though, I did it for Lance. I would have chosen something else.. i.e. Cervelo or Scott if I wouldn't have been a Lance fan. Stupid fan crap!

Viva le Lance