Monday, February 18, 2008

Testing the Knee

The trip I made a trip to the coffee shop for a meeting about the MS Bike Ride and to suck up a little java before spin class proved that my knee didn't feel too bad. A decent push during spin class also showed no major ill effects of the knee. The only thing that seems to bother it is anything besides walking. I tried to jog towards the locker room and YOWZA...not so good. Back to walking and all was fine. Stairs are a little painful, but at least I can go up them like a normal person now and not like a 90 year old.

My "medical" opinion is that I bruised it pretty deep and it will just take a little while to heal. I did learn while lifting light that my elbow on that (left) side is also a little tender, but I think it too will be fine.

Seriously though, thanks for all your well wishes. Falling always sucks, and fellow cyclists know this. Once we get the kErnEl completely healed, may we all be done crashing for awhile!

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