Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yet Another Vermillion Cycling Blogger

Here's another one to add to your RSS feed! There is nary a person out there who has been cycling with me longer than Cactus Eyed Joe! He has another blogging site as well located HERE. I'm not sure what he's going to put on the second site, but it could have to do with Yoga and life in general.

He has a different point of view of my MS150 Crash Story of 2004. It is a good read and is located HERE.

The one thing you all need to do for me is to ask him about his name. Although he readily accepts his nickname, it's a subject of much pain in his life. Let's just say a mental picture of Cactus-Eyed Joe equals a pretty accurate description.

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Jeffrey C. said...

Sigh... I really should get into this new RSS thing... I'm not much of one to stay on top of the new technology... (JK)
It would save me a lot of time each day though.