Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday Fun at the Track Meet and Another Accident

Yesterday was a indoor track meet at the Dome. It seemed like everybody who normally works the track meets was gone for this one. Our announcer and our back up announcer was gone, along with many of the workers. I credit the three day weekend for so many people being gone.

Our production crew was pretty much intact, but Coach Gottsleben said that he had nobody to announce. Casually I said that it's too bad that nobody knew how to do my job. Well, we found that person. One of the workers daughters who is all of 15 years old (I think). Now EVERYBODY will know how easy my job is. I showed her how to do everything and had the ability to help her out as I announced and didn't have her do certain aspects of my job to keep it easy for her. She did a good job and I survived a full day of announcing. I don't think our main announcer, the world famous Greg Merrigan, has anything to worry about however.

They originally planned for about 600 entrants for the meet when they did the schedule and we ended up having over 900. You can imagine what that did to the time schedule. Instead of ending around 4:30, we miraculously still managed to end around 5:45 or so.

After that we went over to Pro's to eat and have a few beers. After we had three pitchers of Boulevard Wheat, I noticed that they had IT....BLUE MOON on tap! The drinking was ON then. I left Pro's at 10:00...oops. I had slowed my drinking way down about 9:00 so my trip home would be "safe".

It had been nearly 40 degrees all day which caused a great deal of melting. By 10:00pm it had refrozen. I got on the bike, dropped off the sidewalk and the bike was GONE. Black ice was the remedy of my demise. It didn't seem bad, but when I got up, the side of my knee was KILLING me. I got back on the bike and hammered it on the way home and the knee seemed 'decent'. When I tried to step up on the two steps to get into my house I thought I was going to die.

Today, not so good either. I'm not sure if I have a deep bruise or what, but I am not getting on the bike today. I need to teach cycling (spin) class tomorrow and that will be my first real test of my knee. I am a little nervous about my knee as it is really tender. I'm sure it will heal fine, but right now it is very sore.

Dear spring, hurry up already!


CDV said...

Don't drink and ride, at least not on black ice! I hope your knee feels better.

Michelle said...

Bummer, I hate it when that happens.

I opened up my 1st bottle of my hef beer! I love blue moon, I have found a clone homebrew recipe for blue moon! YUM!

Hope the knee is better soon

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing well and having fun..

thE_kErnEl said...

was there swelling?

hope nothing was broken.

i'm not riding in the winter any more - i don't care how much grief anyone wants to give me. I'll ride in the winter when someone gives me $2500 for my out of pocket insurance money!