Thursday, March 27, 2008

4:36 AM and the Snow Storm That Wasn't

Part II of USD Women to the Final Four

After the game we had to wait for Dan Genzler, USD Sports Information Director (aka The Minister of Information), to finish his writeup from the game and post stuff to the web page as he was riding home with us. By the time he was done and we rounded up everybody, loaded the super tanker and put gas in it, it was after midnight. Taking the short route home was still a good solid four hour trip home. I had a Monster energy drink leaving Kearney only because the station didn't have and Amp (bad biscuit) and we were on our way home.

The first part of the trip went well and we had the obligatory pit stop at a little town called Clark, which amazingly still had a station open at such a late hour. I found an Amp there (Way to go Clark, Nebraska!). Not just an amp but a cornucopia of Amp varieties that I hadn't see before. I settled on Amp Revive (Orange can) and it was decent and kept me going as my usual fun loving, jumpy self.

After some Hwy 30 traveling, we turned onto Hwy 81 and started heading back towards home. After going through Norfolk, we were just a few miles north of town and it started to lightly snow. We all commented how bad the forecast was as the snow was now supposed to be below I90 in South Dakota. We decided they meant to say not south of I80 in Nebraska. The joking soon stopped as it was snowing hard, if you could call it snow. It was more like a "snush". The wind was blowing it sideways and it was sticking on the road and making things a bit treacherous. We were following a semi and talked about following it all the way to Yankton to stay in it's tracks. Then it slowed down to 45 mph. We decided that following it was not worth it and that we'd make better time going on our old route. Bad move.
We turned on Hwy. 20 and you could just hear the snow crunching under the tires. The snow flying into the headlights was starting to wear on my already tired eyes. Then to make things more interesting, all the lights that were anywhere near the road went out. The wet, heavy snow must have temporarily taken out power to the area. The excitement continued the rest of the way home as we soldiered on between 40-50 mph. Of course, when we got across the bridge back into South Dakota, it wasn't nearly as bad.
Time of Arrival at the Brady Household: 4:36 am. Time of arrival at work this morning: 7:58 am. Of course I was fabricating the whole snow storm story because the weather person is never wrong. There was no snow south of I90. The white stuff on the ground isn't snow.

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