Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Andy Hampsten's Team 7-11 Eddy Merckx

The Owner asked if I'd be willing to put my bike on display in his shop and I graciously agreed. I decided to share the story behind the bike. Before I do, understand that it IS for sale for the right offer.

My initial road bike was an entry level Cannondale which I though was the bomb. It served me fine as a starter bike, but when I decided to get more serious about biking I knew it was time to upgrade. Well, it just so happened that my manager at the time wanted to get rid of a Team 7-11 Eddy Merckx owned by Andy Hampsten.

I was always a little skeptical about the story that the bike was actually Andy Hampsten's "personal" bike as I knew the guy who owned it before my manager and he was always good at going on and on about things. I'm not saying that I ever thought he was a liar, just a person who like to talk...a lot. His story was that he knew one of the team mechanics and was able to buy an actual bike from the Tour de France. At this I admit my B.S. sensor was on high alert.

But at any rate, I was VERY pleased when I purchased this bike. For those who love steel frame bikes, this is a classic bike. It isn't that heavy for steel and it rode like a Cadillac. Smooth as all get out. It had (and still has) the original Campy Record components on the bike. I thought about riding this bike until it fell apart, but I decided to find out the history of the bike for myself before doing so.

I went online and found out that Andy Hampsten actually sells steel bikes in Seattle. Well, his brother does in his name. Andy lives in Italy. So, I emailed asking about the bike. Andy's brother Steve forwarded my email to Andy and he actually responded to me. Much to my surprise, after a couple of emails back and forth, this bike IS AN ACTUAL TOUR BIKE FROM THE TEAM! Immediately I started looking for a different bike to ride to put this on the shelf. A piece of history shouldn't be ridden in my humble opinion. Below is an email I received from Andy. Understand that at the time of this email I was completely sold on steel bikes. I probably would have bought steel again, but I really wanted to support the LBS, and steel was not an option.


Hi Kevin,
Hey nice bike. It sure is one of the original team bikes with the
number plate hanger. I love those old steel forks with the classic flat fork
crown, what a ride! As you know the parts have changed even more than the
frames in the last years. Whatever you do don't go upgrading the parts with
the latest stuff. I'd go with a new bike when the time comes and leave your
Merckx as an intact piece.
You are right on about the carbon-fiber and beer can frames of
today. I am sure they are light but it is hard to beat the feel of a proper
steel frame. As you know I now flog bikes, with my brother Steve. They are
made by artisans in Seattle (the ti bikes are made in Colorado by Moots.
They're mythical!!) The cool thing about steel now is it has the same
characteristics but a lot lighter, AND it can by TIG welded stronger than
what lugs offered with all that extra metal missing. It's great!
Enough of the hard sell. Sorry about your sticker being chipped but
that is part of having an original bike.

Happy riding, Andy Hampsten

www.cinghiale.com (Cycling Tours) www.lacucinamia.com (Culinary holidays)
www.hampsten.com (for great bikes)

Some of you are probably wondering why I would get rid of this bike with it's history. Well, I'm just not a collector. I would love for this to find a home with somebody who appreciates it's history and maybe take it for an occasional spin. Let me know if you are interested!


Bruce's Bike Blog said...


This is too cool. Suddenly my allergies vanished upon laying my eyes on this bike.



thE_kErnEl said...


You can still talk with Steve and Andy and spiderman on the Serotta forum. http://www.serotta.com/forum

What would be the "right" offer? Shoot me an email, please.

Anonymous said...

It sure is pretty, and I bet rides like my Buick LeSabre, or my 11 year old Giant Kronos. Wish my Kronos had Campy.....

Tez said...

If anything it would be a good bike to ride in a Christmas parade!...hahaha

Anonymous said...

It would be tough to own that bike, but not ride it. Good luck selling it.