Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tandem Bike Racks

With the adoption of a Cannondale Tandem last summer came a whole new era of fun cycling in the Brady family. We are excited to get much more riding in this year.

Laura and I decided to get some miles in each day on the Tour de Kota after I get in to each city. That pretty much guarantees a century a day of riding on the TdK. I'm excited to get out on the road more with my wife and the tandem pretty much guarantees to get a heck of a workout this summer between riding with my wife, my kids, and CDV in preparation for Team Man Tandem (the name is growing on me) on the Gut Check.

This led me to an important thought: I need to acquire transportation for the tandem. Not knowing what to expect and never researching it before, I truly expected to pay about $100-$150 for the tandem carrier. Hopeful that I could update the rack I currently have with one that would hold a tandem, I started my searching with Google. Then I realized something else that is important: Apparently Tandem racks are gold plated. Yakima and Thule, both very reputable rack makers, have exactly what I need. The Yakima Sidewinder and the Thule 558p both retail at $375. Yup, three-hundred-seventy-five bones. Dear IRS, please send the "stimulus" check soon. My LBS needs it.


Tez said...

Have you checked Ebay to see if there are any tracks listed?

bikingbrady said...

No luck on eBay. Thanks for the thought though.

Snakebite said...

You're going to need a snowmobile trailer built for four (so it's long enough) and then at least a H2 Hummer to pull that sucker. Make sure you get the "curb feeler" option on the Hummer.

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