Saturday, March 15, 2008


I will need some help from CDVto remember the exact date this took place, but it has to be close to a year ago now. We went on a ride around town and into the country a little bit. We ended up at the Roadhouse where we shared a pitcher of beer, and then a second. The only thing I remember vividly from that day was that there were a few guys at the bar and their buddy was getting married in the park that day. We talked with them a little and if I remember right they bought us one of our pitchers (who knows...maybe Craig and I shared three pitchers that day).

Why this long winded story about a day that seems like just another day with another ride? Well, that day ended up being a day where I kicked myself for a long time. That same day I realized that I was missing my money clip. I looked through my jersey pockets and nothing. I called the Roadhouse and they searched the booth I was in and nothing. I was upset with myself. I lost my money clip. Credit cards, license, and most importantly, at least $100 as I knew I had a hundred dollar bill.

Fast forward to today. I had to run camera for the Semi-finals of the North Central Regional Women's Basketball Tournament in the dome today. It was requested that we dress up and not wear jeans. Since I wore one set of khaki dockers yesterday, I decided to dig through my plethora of dress pants and found a pair of dark green dress pants that I used to wear quite often, but hadn't in quite some time.

Apparently I hadn't worn those dress pants since the same day that I "lost" my money clip. That's right, I found my money clip in the pocket! $120 found its way back into my life! I think that my dark green dress pants may get worn more now. They just became my lucky pants!


SD_pedalpower said...

Sweet. Free money. Sort of.

CDV said...

It was February 07, one of our first Gut-Check planning meetings.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! Good things happen to good people, you just must not have been "good" enough until now? :)
I need to find a moneyclip/pocket book or something, for TDK.

Anonymous said...

Lucky green pants--just in time for St Pat's Day!