Monday, March 10, 2008

Warmer Weather Causes Cycling Dreams

It was mid-40's today. Nothing to get too excited about, or is it? It's been so cold for so long that mid-40's is like a heatwave! So much so that I trekked down to the LBS and picked up my new pedals for the tandem, the Crank Brothers Quattro SL pedals.

Being a mechanical moron, I had a couple issues putting them on. The instructions said that the left pedal has a small groove around the spindle flange. problem. WHAT THE HELL IS A SPINDLE FLANGE? Finally figured that out. Threaded all four pedals on the tandem as far as I could by hand, but I don't have an 8mm Hex at my disposal so I'll have to pick one up tomorrow.

Then came the shoes. The cleat with the circle goes on the right shoe. No problem, found that. How in the hell do you get three screws in there? I only see one possible screw location! Laura figured out that the outside snaps off allowing you to screw all three in and then it pops back on. Yeah, there are good reasons that I married her. To make me feel silly is close to the top of the list.

What does this all lead up to? 55 degrees tomorrow. Ride Vermillion and I are starting out training for the Gut Check with our first tandem ride. In case you missed it, it IS official that we are going to ride as a tandem team on the Gut Check, unless a) one of us gets hurt and can't ride b) we end up hating each other being together so much. So we are going out with a different clipless pedal than I have ever ridden before and Ride Vermillion has only been on a couple times. Anybody who wishes to follow with a video camera has a good shot at catching an outstanding accident.


Biking Duluth said...

I was just thinking it's almost time to put my smarty's back on. I started with them and have loved them totally. I hope you enjoy your quattros. And the do get easier with use- the springs are tight at first but you'll love when broken in!

amidnightrider said...

I had those on my road bike but went to SPD's a couple of years ago. Now that I have three bikes, the Quatros are going back on the Giant bike.

I never though anything of them, which makes them good. They simply blended into the bike.

Snakebite said...

"it IS official that we are going to ride as a tandem team on the Gut Check,"

You weinies!!! Maybe now I'll ride my single speed the entire way.

CDV said...

The tandem choice was made by our sag support more than anyone else. Neither of our wives had any desire to drive across SD at 16to 17 mph again.

Tez said...

Leave it to a superman with girlie parts to figure out the pedals!