Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Following "Big Blue"

We had a group ride last night and the conditions couldn't have been much nicer. For all the brutal conditions that we had earlier in the spring, Mother Nature must have decided to make up for that with some perfect days as of late.

We met at the LBS at 5:18 -- the duly appointed time by myself -- and away we went on a 30ish mile jaunt on the Meckling Loop. Cycling Cathy joined us she commuted to work from Wakonda and we escorted her for the first fifteen miles of her journey home. Also along was CDV (Ride Vermillion), Cactus-Eyed Joe, Cindy L., and Caitlin C.

I warned in my email that the Big Blue was only averaging about 16 mph with the Brady's on board, so naturally the group pretty much rode us in the ground with the perfect conditions. I haven't downloaded the Garmin stats yet, but I'm pretty sure we were over 17 for an average on the ride last night. It was a pretty good push for the rookie tandem crew.

In other news, I had some gift certificates to so I burned some up buying a Canon Digital Elph camera. It should be arriving soon so Laura can play co-pilot and picture taker when out on the tandem.

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Snakebite said...

I hope there are not too many (any) pictures of your butt. Laura, point and shoot wisely.