Friday, July 18, 2008

Riding by Spirit Mound

There was a storm a brewin' right when we were supposed to leave on a group ride Thursday night. It actually started right on top of us as it didn't even show up radar initially. It was probably good it started here as it became stronger as it worked it's way Southeast.

After it left, Laura and I took the BBT out for a ride. We did an out an back north on Highway 19 for 22 miles. As we went by Spirit Mound I had Laura take a few pictures which can be seen HERE. Some are of the storm that moved out of the area and built stronger as well.

Spirit Mound is part of the Lewis and Clark History. For quite some time there was a farm on this site, but it has been reclaimed as a natural prairie. If you get a chance stop by and walk up to the top on the trail and see why it was so special to Lewis and Clark (something I need to do with the kids soon).

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CDV said...

My kids love the hike up Spirit Mound. I highly recommend it, especially on a day when you want to wear them out so you can get a nap in.