Thursday, July 31, 2008

Modern Day Prophecies

Who would have thought that M*A*S*H and Calvin and Hobbes could pull off such Nostradamus-type prophecies.

Prophecy #1: From M*A*S*H "The Novocaine Mutiny" (1976)
I was watching this little gem where Frank was trying to get Hawkeye a court martial. While on the stand Frank had the most prophetic quote for our current "administration":

"Unless we each conform, unless we obey orders, unless we follow our leaders blindly there is no possible way we can remain free" - Frank Burns

I nearly fell out of my chair in laughter. Then I nearly cried because it's sadly true.

Prophecy #2: Calvin and Hobbes cartoon from April 28, 1993. This has been hanging on my office door for at least a couple years now. The price isn't *quite* $8 a gallon, but give'em time.....


Anonymous said...

I try so very hard to stay un-political when I blog, and respond on blogs.

And I will continue to do so! :)

ha ha, got ya!

Larry Gelbart played Frank Burns so very well, I still miss that show...

Snakebite said...

There's a beer called Nostradamus at Monk's.

bikingbrady said...

Nothing spells prophecy more than a beer at Monk's.