Monday, July 28, 2008

My Apologies Mr. Novak

What started out as more of a "bicycle vigilante" story of a cyclist running down a motorist who pulled a hit and run on a pedestrian, turned a little more grim today. After I threw the B.S. flag about him "not knowing" that he hit somebody (who was said to have bounced off his windshield), comes the story that he has a brain tumor.

So now I go from irate that a public figure gets away with a $50 fine for a hit and run to feeling sorry for the guy. It is possible that his vision was messed up and that he didn't notice the guy he hit. I never would wish a brain tumor on anyone. Even though I don't necessarily like your reporting, I wish you well in your recovery Mr. Novak.

Full story HERE.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Okay, well, I feel bad for him too.


think it's time to hire a driver for the guy. if you dodn't notice that you've hit someone, it's time to stop driving your car.

Anonymous said...

Misty is right, if his vision is impared he should NOT be driving.
Same goes for the blue hairs that pull right out in front of you and proceed to drive at 10-40 mph under the speed limit.
And Iowa drivers.
And teenagers.
Any anyone else that angers me.
Wow, in my world, there would be nothing but bikes on the roads!

bikingbrady said...

Oh I never said he was in the right. I just feel a little more sorry for him now. I can't believe the fine though. I tend to think I'd still be in jail over something like this....

SD_pedalpower said...

I remember riding along with my grandma and she would run stop lights through Yankton and hit a turkey on road and had to ask me what she hit. She was blind as a bat and had no business driving.