Monday, July 14, 2008

Rules to a Happy Tandem Marriage (Part 2)

Part two of Rules to a Happy Tandem Marriage:

5. No Snot Rockets from the Captain. This is a tough one for me. Although I supposedly have no allergies, I have been diagnosed with "chronic rhinitis". I call it the "we can't figure out what you are allergic to, so we will come up with this fancy name to make you feel better" allergy. When I'm cycling, my nose runs quite often. This now requires more of a snuffleupagus approach than it used to.

6. Always clip in / clip out (for those of you with clip less pedals) starting on the same foot to avoid confusion. We have decided that will always be the right foot first.

7. After taking "butt breaks", in other words standing while riding to get some blood flow back in the cheeks, allow the stoker to start the pedaling again. It is a bad feeling when the captain starts and he feels a real jerk on that first pedal stroke. Failure to allow stoker to re-start the pedaling may result in sleeping on the couch for the evening. Not that it happened to me. I'm just sayin'.


The Old Bag said...

Thanks for the tips -- we're considering a tandem, but are hoping to hold off for another season or two. We're always fine until we ride with tandeming friends...then we get the bug.

Anonymous said...

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