Friday, July 25, 2008

Single Bike Rack on the Cheap

I did a quick Google search on making your own bike rack and I found THIS easy to build rack out of PVC pipe. Grand total was probably about $10 of material. If you are in a bigger city, I'm sure you will probably do it cheaper.

Materials you will need:

1 - 10' 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
6 - 3/4" Tees
6 - 3/4" Elbows

Cut the PVC into the following:
2 - Wheel Upright Pieces - 22 3/4"
2 - Wheel base Pieces - 12 1/2"
4 - Base Pieces - 7"
5 - Small Splice Pieces - 1 1/4"

You will need PVC Glue to glue it together. I had some leftover floor patch cement that I mixed up and put in the base elements to weigh it down more. I tested the tandem on it before the cement and it didn't have enough weight to keep it upright. After the cement it's a solid unit.

I tried to extend this out to be a longer unit to hold more bikes, but it would take a few extra stabilizers to make it sturdy. I was mainly interested in the single anyway and I must say that it is a pretty awesome little stand. I would highly recommend the cement fill for the bottom weight though.


SD_pedalpower said...

How much to make a kickstand?

Then you do not need the PVC stand and you can park anywhere :)

bikingbrady said...

Friends don't let friends use kickstands. Well, okay, my kids can use them...for now.