Saturday, July 12, 2008

MS Training Ride

We hosted a MS Training Ride today and we only had twelve people show up. Even some who RSVP'd didn't show which was a tad disappointing, but there was another MS Training Ride in Sioux Falls which surely hurt our numbers. No matter what the case it was a fun ride for all.

This was Laura's first ever 50 mile ride. We averaged a 16.7 over the whole course which is pretty good for us, especially with a couple decent sized hills on the route. The Garmin stats only show the organized ride, but we also rode to and from Hy-Vee which adds another four miles on. She did AWESOME! I think that she realizes that if we can get off the bike for a bit every 10-15 miles, that she can go for a long distance. I am glad we had quite a few 20-30 mile rides in to get her confidence up. Hope we can get 30 or so in tomorrow to get a little "back to back" ride feeling in for her.


Ham(m)er said...

I don't really have a *good* reason for not showing today. I was dressed, tires pumped, and getting ready to head down my driveway by 7 a.m. But, my heart just wan't in it today. I haven't had a day at home in forever. I think well before the Tour de Kota. And that, my friend, sounded much better.

I did run a few miles. And, will probably ride tomorrow.

I'm glad that you guys had a great ride!!

thE_kErnEl said...

I think we had 12 also, maybe a couple more.

CDV said...

It was a fun ride! Laura kicked butt for her 1st 50+ mile ride. I'm in for 30 or so on Sunday, let me know