Monday, July 16, 2007

A Commuting Day Revisited

Man it was hot here in Vermillion today. Did that stop me from my appointed commuting? Not a chance. When the day was over and I went to log my miles for the day, I couldn't believe my odometer. Even in the fairly small town of Vermillion I managed to put in 14.32 miles. Miles that most would drive in a car, especially in this heat. I had to recap my day to try to figure out how I got so many miles in. A breakdown:

1. Commute to work: .9 miles
2. Home because I forgot work out clothes to teach spin class at the dome: .9 miles
3. Dome to teach class: ~1.6 miles
4. Back to work: ~.7 miles
5. Bike shop to check on Tandem: ~.6 miles
6. Hospital to do work at OT Department: ~1.3 miles
7. End of day, home from hospital: ~.4 miles
8. Family (4 bikes) to McDonalds for dinner: ~1.5 miles
9. McDonalds to Austin's baseball game: ~1 mile
10. Home from game: ~2 miles
11. Unhook Kid Cart, Hook up Grocery Getter to go to store: ~2 miles
12. Back from store $101.01 lighter in the wallet: ~2 miles

Hey...that's a pretty good guess. I totaled that up to 14.9 miles so I was a little high with my guesstimate over "reality". I'm not sure why I even blogged about this other than to prove that you really don't need to drive this time of year. Even the family commuted via bike which is really cool. They are into the travel by bike thing now too.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I would like to point out, dear, that it's perfectly flat where you live, and if I recall, aren't you allowed to wear jeans at work? Some people live where there is actually some graded hills between them and work and they also live more than .9 miles from work.
Today's word: wjfyzej

bikingbrady said...

Are YOU trying to rain on MY parade? Yes, I can wear jeans at work. Something about crawling under desks working on computers makes that more practical. When it's 90 plus degrees outside, I give my left one for some shorts though!

My main point of all my ranting was the number of people in this "smaller" town that won't even ride or walk that 9/10th of a mile to work. They drive it, still have to park 3 blocks away from campus if they are lucky, and walk the rest of the way. I just laugh as I pull right up to the door :-)