Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

It's been a different week so let's play a little game called two truths and a lie. Below will be three answers, two of which are true. Do your best not to cheat. Answers at the end.

Question 1: This week in Bicycling
This week I rode the following bikes:

a. My Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike
b. My Giant TCR0 Road bike
c. My Cannondale Tandem

Question 2: This week in Work
This week I worked the following:

a. As a funeral director's assistant
b. As a lay speaker giving a sermon at church
c. A 40 hour work week at the University

Question 3: This week in Birthday's
My oldest had a birthday on the 4th of July. The ages of my children are:

a. 12
b. 10
c. 5


Question 1: B If you answered B, you are are as shocked as me, but you are correct. Obviously I ride my Rockhopper nearly daily for commuting/errands and as of late the complete focus is on getting Laura ready for her first ever MS bike ride which will more than likely also be her first two seventy-five (75) mile rides.

Question 2: C I helped out a funeral director who needed assistance at a funeral this week and I also gave the sermon and prepared most of the service for today. Between taking off time for funeral and not having to work on the 4th (Friday) I did not work a 40 hour week at the University.

Question 3: C My youngest is still four until the 27th of July. He will turn five on the anniversary of Lance Armstrong's fifth straight Tour de France victory.

So, honestly, how did you do?


Tez said...

I didn't get one correct....dang it!

Unknown said...

I got them all - what do I win? You're a man of many talents!

CDV said...

100%, I hope we can get a couple rides in this week.

Anonymous said...

I am with Tez on this one with 100% in the negative. Guess we have to share our prize?