Saturday, October 25, 2008

A "Casual" 70 Miler

Ever ride a "casual" 70 miler? I usually don't, but I did today. Other than being a bit cold at the start (45ish degrees) and going into a 10mph wind that did nothing but get stronger, we didn't work extremely hard today. It was great to just kick back and enjoy the company of those brave enough to come along on a cool, windy day.

I couldn't get the "younger" crowd to come along on this ride. Apparently the conditions scared them away. CDV had a meeting and was bummed he couldn't make it so I'll let him slide this time.

Just who were the takers? Ed F., proudly admitting that he is in his 60's (and retired, he LOVES to bring THAT up) and Cycling Cathy, in her 40's (see Cathy, I'm still nice!) who met us in Gayville and rode to Yankton and back with us.

The push from Gayville to Yankton was a slow go because of the wind, and thoughts of lunch started entering our mind. We decided on Hy-Vee and had a good and "fairly" healthy meal. Upon finishing and chatting for awhile, we went outside, mounted up, and I noticed that my front was flat. I'm sure this was a product of riding on the shoulders that had considerable gravel. I couldn't find my mirror to wear on my sunglasses and it's amazing you become a "Timmy" (Ed's word) when you are used to that, so I spent most of the day as far to the right as I could. I changed the tire and we headed out over the old Meridian bridge and then over the new bridge to check it out. Pictures of the day that I took on Cathy's camera can be seen HERE.

On the way home I mentioned to Ed that I'd never heard the word "Timmy" for being timid. He wasn't using the word for me, but that's another story that I promised not to tell. He said that he learned new words in the Midwest like "honyocker". I laughed and said that I hadn't heard that in quite awhile and asked where he had heard it. He look over and said "from YOU". I'm such a bad influence. A discussion ensued where we discussed the meaning of the word and we came to the conclusion that it meant "jerk" although the urban dictionary entry says that it 'one who lacks respectability or social graces'. I also learned that there is a Honyocker Furniture in Letcher, SD which made me laugh.

At any rate, the ride home was very quick as we enjoyed a 15-20 mph tailwind. I didn't ride a century as my knee is upset for some reason and I really didn't feel like another 15 into the wind. I had a blast on my "casual" 70 miler and it was fun to share time with Ed and Cathy Jo.


Unknown said...

Casual ride for you and Ed - but when I first met up with you guys I was working hard going into the wind, even though I was drafting off of you! My heart rate monitor showed a max heart rate of 187 - I think that was the point I was falling of your back wheel and you had mercy and slowed the pace. Thank you!! It was a fun day.

jamesmommy05 said...

I couldn't even ride across town let alone a "casual 70 miler" I seriously almost died! It was from the end of Clark St to the USD childrens center and back. Never again!

CDV said...

Wish I could have been there. I did see you 3 dart across the street heading towards the bridge, if I would have had my bike along I would have joined in.

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of ride, where the pace is such you can converse whilst riding.
Sounds like ya'll had fun. I'm a bit envious!

rigtenzin said...

My dad always makes fun of my mom's family by calling them Honyocks. I'm not at all sure about the spelling.

They're both from Nebraska.