Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Return of the BBT

After a layoff from the arm injury and shorter ride time after work, the BBT returned to the road for a quick 17 miler with CDV last night. Laura admitted that she missed riding lately. I think she's hooked for life now.

The colors are starting to change. We stopped across the river at Mulberry Point and the scene was spectacular as always. I love fall. I don't necessarily love what comes after it.

In other news B2B Fall Colors Tour is this Saturday. Please confirm if you are going to be riding. So far I know that thE_kErnEl and Hellimat are coming from Sioux Falls. I also know CDV and I will be there along with a couple other confirm-ees. It's time to commit people!


Unknown said...

I hope to go. We have family visiting for a week so I'm trying to find something for them to do while I'm on the bike ride. Also, I hope there is someone else riding who likes a more relaxed ride like myself!

thE_kErnEl said...

Sorry, should have emailed you. I can NOT come now unless something happens in the next couple days. Like, someone doing my work for me ;-)

Ham(m)er said...

I would love to be there to ride with you Cathy, but we have a wedding in Sioux City at 2 p.m. Bummer dude. I do want to ride with you guys, I'm not just anti-social. Though that is part of it sometimes. :-)