Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lesson Lost

My oldest had a program called "Heroes" after school that he attended so I decided to go meet him and ride home together. While waiting for him a couple girls came over together and the one girl, who goes to our church, said "That's Austin's Dad". I think the first girl was a little intimidated as I was standing close to her bike.

I broke the ice with her and we had the following short discussion:

Biking Brady: "Do you ride your bike to school everyday?"

Girl: "Yeah, because my parents are too lazy to take me to school."

Biking Brady: "Maybe your parents are trying to teach you a great life lesson that cars are not needed for every little task. In a town like Vermillion, you can often get places faster by bicycle than you can by car."

Girl: "No, they're just lazy."

....and she got on her bike and rode away....


barry said...

I think you are on the precipice of becoming one of those bike zealots that nobody likes... :)

Biking Duluth said...

similar experience: I always ride my bike to work, and ride with my daughter while she walks the two blocks to school. She's in 3rd Grade and one day, I was walking with her as I was sick so was taking the bus. As we walked towards the corner where we part ways, she spots her friend across the street. They run and meet each other and I over hear the one ask my daugher "Your Dad has to ride the bus to work?" with a hint of snotty attitude. I was like "HAS TO? no, there's no HAS to, nor should that be an issue. I was floored and asked her when she got home if she said, "No, he useually rides his bike" haha.. But alas, she doesn't have the quick wit (nor do I for that matter). Yea, kids these days are still not being taught good life lessons.

DIRK said...

We can only hope the child grows up at least a little more active than the parents.
Hope my kids don't say I am lazy.