Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dakota Days Weekend

As usual, Dakota Days (USD's Homecoming for you outsiders), was a fun busy day. First, as always is the parade. I stopped by an old 730th Med Company National Guard buddy's house for a couple beers and then watched the parade with family and friends. I had to cut out early to get to the Dome for "crew call" for the Daktronics board. The Coyotes started off sluggish before taking Missouri S&T to the woodshed in the second half.

Tomorrow is a scholarship benefit ride/run for a young lady who lost a battle with cancer. The forecast doesn't look promising at all, but if it DOESN'T rain, the Biking Brady's and the Ride Vermillion family will be nine members strong at the ride/run. No matter what I think that CDV and I are going to tough it out regardless of the weather. The ride is all of 6.2 miles, but it's for a great cause and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Not to mention the kids are pretty geared up for it.

IF..BIG IF..the weather holds after that (60% chance of rain by 1:00 with winds from the South at 25 mph), CDV and I are going to test drive his new ride at a longer distance so he can get a good feel for it. Hard to get a feel for anything with a 25mph wind though...except on the way back. Ride update(s) to follow.

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